coneccion en movimiento

Make your dance more relaxed, elegant,

and even more enjoyable!

Semester March to June

This is our programme for the 2do Semester from week 11 March until 17 June. Level: from Advanced-beginners to low- intermediate).
If you want to join or more details, please write an email, i will send you the address and prices.

* Thematics workshops on Mondays
at 19h: " Organic Tango Technique for…."
          at 20h:  Tango in all its styles.

* Tango with Roots: 7 workshops. Join us!
New ways to dance with Tango Canyengue as the main ingredient. Feel it!

Tuesdays 12, 19, 26 in March at 20h
Wednesdays 27 March, 3, 17, 24 in April at 19h30
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* Les clés du mouvement et Tango:
Mardi des 2 avril a 18 juin de 20 a 21h30 (en français).
Conscience corporelle & mouvement organique dirigé au Tango.
C´est un cycle de 8 cours pour développer toute la beauté intérieure et extérieure de ta danse.
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* Tango Canyengue Weekend : 4 & 5 May
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* * From May, NEW! On Wednesdays Series x 3 (programme asap) 19h30 a 20h30

* On Thursdays, Regular course "My first Tango-steps" from 14 March to 20 June at 19h.

* Summer Tango Boost: All about Tango in July and August.

on Mondays  @ Salle Le Cercle

Practica del Lunes

your tango in a fun and friendly atmosphere.