Tu rêves d'une danse fluide, créative et spontané?

Make your dance more elegant and even more enjoyable.

NeoTango workshops & NeoPractica

Beginner class at Tango Positivo. On 21 and 28 January
The right place to discover tango is with us!  First class for FREE 😋😋😋
Tango classes in Brussels. Friendly warm atmosphere.
Experienced teacher. 
Neotango workshops on  14 February.
Join us! Registration by email: roxinatango[at]posteo.be
Ladies who dance both roles you are most welcome 😉
Registration in couples is preferable. Places are limited.

Mouvement Vital Methode

le prochain cycle commence le 24 mars !
Et si connaître ton corps te mènera à la meilleure performance dont tu as toujours rêvé?😮
👍👍7 principes de mouvement qui peuvent te donner la force intérieure et la flexibilité adaptative que tu as toujours souhaité. 😃 Mieux danser, mieux nager, mieux parler en public, mieux chanter, mieux dans ton corps.😃
Si tu es intéressé à les découvrir je suis heureuse de partager cette connaissance avec toi.
L´aventure commence en mars. le mardis a 20h, près de métro Merode, S´inscrire par email. 

Regular classes at Tango Positivo

There are new possibilities to keep learning- improving your tango from January! 🔎 have a look to our planning for 2020. 😮

This is our planning for 2020!

- On Mondays
Tango & Neotango class at 19h15 with Roxina & Francesco at Le Cercle. level intermediate.

- On Tuesdays:

👍  at 19h30 workshop with Francesco Pugliese at Le Cercle.
✅ You will learn to interpret the tango music in your own way and thus add SOUL to your dancing, letting your style shine..🆒 level advance-beginners.

** Beginners lessons at 19h with Roxina at Dance Studio 51.

Ideal for absolute beginners and those who want to refresh the basics of tango.
Get your FREE class by email.

- On Thursdays 
** Beginners lessons at 19h30 with Roxina & Jonathan at École Ernest Richard, Get your FREE class by email.
Ideal for absolute beginners and those who want to refresh the basics of tango.

*** For those of you who want to go deeper in discovering the natural organic movement and using it to full potential, I recommend the course "Mouvement Vital", an excellent way to get results and confidence in every activity of life. It´s only available in French, for now (I will add a course in English when I find an additional space).
Mardi a 20h10 avec Roxina. dans la salle Danse Studio 51. 

Le prochain cycle commence le 24 mars.
S´inscrire: roxinavital[at]gmail.com

Practicas On Mondays from 20h30 to 22h30.
 Once a month NeoPractica from 20h30 to 22h30.

Le Cercle: Rue Doyen Boone 6, 1040
Danse Studio 51: Rue des Francs 51, 1040
Ernest Richard: Avenue de la Chasse 210, 1040
on Mondays  @ Salle Le Cercle

Practica del Lunes

your tango in a fun and friendly atmosphere.