Tu rêves d'une danse fluide, créative et spontané?

Make your dance more elegant and even more enjoyable.

Top tools for Neotango

Getting to know NeoTango

from 15h to 16h30.
workshop of Tango con ELLAS.2020 (ladies exclusive 😉) 💃🧡

Registration by email: roxinatango[at]posteo.be
price 20 euros. 

Sundays 19 April, 17 May, 31May, 14 June

price 20 euros.

Neotango uses standard tango biomechanics and the tango's flow on the dance floor.
Neotango is a distinct genre of tango which goes beyond it both in music and in dance.
It is a global movement in which the music includes tracks from all over the world,  

NeoTango workshops & NeoPractica

Beginner class at Tango Positivo. On 24 and 31 March
The right place to discover tango is with us!  First class for FREE 😋😋😋
Tango classes in Brussels. Friendly warm atmosphere.

*** Neotango Night on 14 February

19h15 workshop: tango biomechanics and the tango's flow on the dance floor.
20h30 to 23h: Otras Musicas Neonight
price 15 euro
Join us! Registration by email: roxinatango[at]posteo.be
Ladies who dance both roles you are most welcome 😉

Registration in couples is preferable. Places are limited.

Mouvement Vital Methode

le prochain cycle commence le 24 mars !
Et si connaître ton corps te mènera à la meilleure performance dont tu as toujours rêvé?😮
👍👍7 principes de mouvement qui peuvent te donner la force intérieure et la flexibilité adaptative que tu as toujours souhaité. 😃 Mieux danser, mieux nager, mieux parler en public, mieux chanter, mieux dans ton corps.😃
Si tu es intéressé à les découvrir je suis heureuse de partager cette connaissance avec toi.
L´aventure commence en mars. le mardis a 20h, près de métro Merode, S´inscrire par email. 

Regular classes at Tango Positivo

There are new possibilities to keep learning- improving your tango from January! 🔎 have a look to our planning for 2020. 😮

This is our planning for 2020!

- On Mondays
Tango & Neotango class at 19h15 with Roxina & Francesco at Le Cercle. level intermediate.

- On Tuesdays:

👍  at 19h30 workshop with Francesco Pugliese at Le Cercle.
✅ You will learn to interpret the tango music in your own way and thus add SOUL to your dancing, letting your style shine..🆒 level advance-beginners.

** Beginners lessons at 19h with Roxina at Dance Studio 51.

Ideal for absolute beginners and those who want to refresh the basics of tango.
Get your FREE class by email.

- On Thursdays 
** Beginners lessons at 19h30 with Roxina & Jonathan at École Ernest Richard, Get your FREE class by email.
Ideal for absolute beginners and those who want to refresh the basics of tango.

*** For those of you who want to go deeper in discovering the natural organic movement and using it to full potential, I recommend the course "Mouvement Vital", an excellent way to get results and confidence in every activity of life. It´s only available in French, for now (I will add a course in English when I find an additional space).
Mardi a 20h10 avec Roxina. dans la salle Danse Studio 51. 

Le prochain cycle commence le 24 mars.
S´inscrire: roxinavital[at]gmail.com

Practicas On Mondays from 20h30 to 22h30.
 Once a month NeoPractica from 20h30 to 22h30.

Le Cercle: Rue Doyen Boone 6, 1040
Danse Studio 51: Rue des Francs 51, 1040
Ernest Richard: Avenue de la Chasse 210, 1040
on Mondays  @ Salle Le Cercle

Practica del Lunes

your tango in a fun and friendly atmosphere.