Tu rêves d'une danse fluide, créative et spontané?

Make your dance more elegant and even more enjoyable.

* About Roxina

Roxina is from Buenos Aires, where she trained dance and music at the Argentine National Institute of Arts.

Roxina specialised in tango and learned its different styles from the best known milongueros and Argentina's leading tango dancers. She refined her dancing skills in the milongas of Buenos Aires, and has built up a wealth of experience that she is keen to share with her students. 

Passionate about body-movement, anatomy and human energy, she is also a certified teacher of  the Eutony method of physical perception, of Postural Reorganization Technique based on myofascial chain work; of Qigong energy and movement practice; as well as Energy Coaching.

Roxina has extensive training experience in the following somatic bodywork: Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Contact Improvisation, Body Mind Centering.

Roxina's approach to tango is to guide you to an organic technical foundation where internal physical perception and quality of movement are essential to experience flow and connection with your dancepartners. Her speciality  is teaching how proper use of the body leads you to harmonized, coordinated, and pleasant movements and through this to confidence and ful enjoyment in your heart.