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* Reviews by students

What some of my students say about my work: 

"I am very grateful to know Roxina and her tango lessons. I had learned tango for about 9 months before I tried her classes. I was always a bit confused of what the movement should and should not be until the first few classes with Roxina. She pointed out my problems immediately and gave clear instructions on the spot. The clarity she provided was like an epiphany to me. I started to know things concretely and most importantly, I feel right. Roxina can explain precisely the “how” and “why” of every single movement that many people don’t know, and this is exactly what i needed. As felt by my many fellow classmates, in the group class Roxina gives, you will feel like it is a private lesson because you always get advices that are specific to your need (problem). Another thing I like in her class is the warm and kind atmosphere. We help each other to improve whatever our level is and ladies are also encouraged to learn to lead to understand tango better. I recommend Roxina and her classes wholeheartedly. I believe every tango learner should try her classes, sooner than later" Nikki

"Roxina est une fée pour moi. J'ai commencé a prendre ses cours en octobre 2011 avec l'idée de changer après un cycle, mais son enseignement est si fidèle au tango argentin, si complet et respectueux du corps que je n'ai plus eu le besoin d'aller voir ailleurs.
Elle donne des outils que je reprends et retravaille chez moi.
Je connais la culture de Buenos Aires, j'y ai grandi. Le tango que Roxina enseigne est en accord total avec le tempérament du tango.
Et tout cela, en soignant les positions correctes, la connexion dans le couple et un plaisir de la danse qui nous permette de danser jusqu'à la mort!" Monica

"Tes cours m'ont aidé à me sentir concernée par ce qui se passe, à ressentir au-delà des tensions.C'est comme si chaque mardi je fais un retour à la terre ou à la maison, là où il y a la lumière, la vie et la chaleur. Et la semaine passe et je continue à ressentir quelque chose de terrien". Maud

* La plus danseuse de nos Happy Women a essayé pour nous l’école de danse de tango de Roxina au Rue Doyen Boone 6, 1040. Elle en est enchantée!
L’ambiance est très chouette, les cours passent trop vite.
On peut venir accompagner ou pas…
Roxina explique non seulement les mouvements mais également la signification de tel ou tel geste, de telle ou telle posture. C’est passionnant ! 

" what I like best about my private lessons with Roxina
  • the break down of a move into easy digestible parts

  • the detail of explanation
  • the teaching of the feeling from both perspectives:  leader and follower
  • the explanation of the different possible consequences of a correct vs incorrect move
  • last not least her laugh" Karl

    "Roxina's classes are relaxing and cheerful. I admire her way to teach body awareness and natural movements. Once you acquire the technique, dancing tango becomes effortless. Learning with Roxina and discovering the essence of tango has brightened up my life. She is a wonderful person and maestra". Kristiina
"There are no mistakes in tango, but some details need to be well done. In a completly relaxed atmosphere I have been learning tango with Roxina for the last five years. It´s simply fascinating the energies she is able to transmit straight to your body!. Highly recommended" Pasquale

" I started dancing some years ago in Italy as I was seduced by the music. Especially by tango jazz. When I arrived in Brussels I met Roxina. At the beginning I had to review all my technique, my ideas on the tango dance (still doing it). I reviewed my way of leading, my embrace, my posture. Therefore I step into a new world. Roxina is that kind of teacher and dancer who makes you feel the leading, how to follow and makes you feel the music. A great professional !" Francesco

"Roxina builds up her lessons carefully, step by step. So you are not overwheldmed by the complexity of the figures, but you learn them naturally and in a way easy to remember. In the meantime she transmits the delicacy an intimity of the Argentine Tango" Sjef 

"Roxina really care about her students feeling the music an the movements and she insists (and helps) that one finds connection with the partner, the musique and the ground. All of this makes her classes very valuable to me, as I feel, I grow each time as a dancer-person, and that I learn to really feel tango. 
She clearly is a commited professional and I feel lucky to have her as my teacher" Jurgen

" I like very much Roxina´s organic approach and clear instructions. Nice feelings are the result." Karl