Tu rêves d'une danse fluide, créative et spontané?

Make your dance more elegant and even more enjoyable.

* Tango Canyengue weekend @ Brussels

23-24 May  &  24-25 Octobre 2020

learn more about Tango going to its roots

Canyengue means "caminar con cadencia cool"

The canyengue style represents the beginnings of tango. 
Above all, because it is more relaxed and stripped to the essential. 
Canyengue explores tango musicality and the sensitivity of the body in each movement. It makes you find the joy of dancing to music loaded with history.
MOCCA a tango school dedicated to the Tango in Canyengue style. 
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Tango Canyengue MOCCA based on rhythmic walking with deep connection and sensuality.

What is MOCCA? it is a cultural movement whose mission is the transmission of the art, tradition and evolution of tango, especially Tango in Canyengue style (music and dance)
Teachers on behalf of MOCCA:
Roxina Villegas - Francesco Pugliese and Team
Venue: Salle Le Cercle,Rue Doyen Boone 6, 1040 Brussels

There will be classes for those of you who want to start learning, for those who want to improve,  and for those who want to teach this style of tango.

Private classes available upon request.

Registration by email : roxinatango[at]posteo.be