Tu rêves d'une danse fluide, créative et spontané?

Make your dance more elegant and even more enjoyable.

NeoTango workshops & NeoPractica

Beginner class at Tango Positivo. On 24 and 31 March
The right place to discover tango is with us!  First class for FREE 😋😋😋
Tango classes in Brussels. Friendly warm atmosphere.

*** Neotango Night on 14 February

19h15 workshop: tango biomechanics and the tango's flow on the dance floor.
20h30 to 23h: Otras Musicas Neonight
price 15 euro
Join us! Registration by email: roxinatango[at]posteo.be
Ladies who dance both roles you are most welcome 😉

Registration in couples is preferable. Places are limited.