Make your dance more relaxed, elegant,

and even more enjoyable!

* Organic Technique & Musicality

Workshops of Organic Tango Technique & Musicality
for ladies and men. All levels. 
In these classes you are going to learn how to optimise the freedom of movement and comfort in your dance understanding the musicality, to grow your self-confidence and raise your pleasure in dancing tango. 
We achieve this by clarifing, and developing the elements of tango with exercises that allow you to realise your strong points and those to improve. Axis, equilibrium, dissociation, crosses, embelishment, turns, walking back....
This class gives you tools that open new possibilities to connect with yourself, your partner, the music, and the community on the dance floor. 
Bring comfortable clothes and shoes and let the organic technique boost your tango ! 

On Thursdays at 19h15, Avenue de la Chasse 210, 1040.
registration by email: roxinatango@posteo.be
"Del Tango al Cuerpo y del Cuerpo al Tango" 
Teacher: RoxinaTango from Buenos Aires.
You can register for the semester or buy a card and come when you want.