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* Organic Technique - Body Control

Monday classes


The role of the leader (traditionally: the man) is the most complex and difficult in tango. The leader has to coordinate many different aspects of the dance at the same time: interpret the music, create the steps, manage spaces (in the couple and, on the dancefloor, between the couples), and transmit all this to the follower through the embrace. 
If you want to dance tango in the leader role, I recommend that you take regular technique classes. I have developed a special technique training for tango dancers which focuses on natural movement and allows you to dance without tensions and unnecessary effort. Following these classes is an excellent way for you to gain better control of your body movements (flexibility, axis, coordination)and connection with partners.
These classes will save you time and money in becoming a good tango dancer.

Women tend to show more interest than men in technique classes, where they can improve flexibility and coordination and learn how to move their body with elegance in a natural way. In these classes they have the opportunity to improve their dance skills without depending on a partner.
By achieving greater control of their axis and movements, they acquire independence. The importance of independence of the follower (traditionally: the woman) is often ignored, yet such independence is fundamental because it allows the follower to respond harmoniously to the diverse styles of tango that the leader may propose. .
In my tango technique classes, dancers can experiment both the leader and the follower roles. This is very beneficial to the development of all tango dancers, whatever their preferred role.

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