Make your dance more relaxed, elegant,

and even more enjoyable!

Summer programme

This week , Join us!
Avenue de la Chasse 210. 1040,Ecole Ernest Richard
Only Mondays is in another place (Rue Doyen Boone 6, 1040)
Full programme www.tangopositivo.com

"All about Tango" in  August.

The opportunity to rapidly increase your Tango skills.
Make your dance more relaxed, elegant and even more enjoyable.

Summer Tango Boost 2018

  from 9 July to 3 September.

A programme of workshops All levels and no partner needed!

Initiations-Firs steps. Tango salon, Musicality, Tango Canyengue,
Organic Technique, Milonga, Practicas...INTENSIVE and FUN !

You can pick and choose your own menu of classes and boost your skills this July and August. 

more info and registration: roxinatango@posteo.be

In July
In August also....

READY for the summer programme.
Summer Tango Boost
registration by email

on Mondays  @ Salle Le Cercle

Practica del Lunes

your tango in a fun and friendly atmosphere.