Make your dance more relaxed, elegant,

and even more enjoyable!

* Tuesdays: First steps 2017-18

Welcome to our School of Argentine Tango

Spring term

Regular classes from 11 March to 19 June

My first steps and Tango feelings. No partner needed.

Learn Tango is like learning a new type of language, with its own vocabulary, grammar,
art of making phrases, asking questions and giving responses. Achieving this non-verbal
dialogue is what we call Tango. 
We invite you on a magical Tango journey, where you will discover all shades and colours 

of this passionate dance. You will quickly become a great social dancer !

  Come and live this new experience!

Tuesdays 20h30 at Dance studio 51. (Rue des Francs 51, 1040)

the perfect combination for all beginners level 

(include Organic Technique + practicas) 

"Tango sans talon"  or without heels to develop a better connection with you body, your dancepartner and to achieve faster results.

Enjoy tango as you learn it and become part of the global tango community.

Registration by email: roxinatango@posteo.be  

Let your friends know :-)
Benefit from personal attention and 20 year of quality teaching experience.